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  • Capacity evaluations and Cooper ratings assessment of Railway Bridges

  • Fatigue analysis and remaining life evaluations of rail infrastructure, including railway bridges

  • Inspections for the purposes of maintenance, failure, repair or capacity evaluation

  • Design and design review of new steel, concrete and timber bridges

  • Recommendations and design for increasing load capacity and extending remaining life

  • Structural analysis and load ratings to evaluate strengthening and/or rehabilitation needs

  • Evaluation of the effects of heavy axle loads (HAL) on bridges and track

  • Field testing of bridges to:
        - Evaluate load capacity/rating
        - Estimate remaining life
        - Study excessive deflection/camber loss
        - Resolve vibration issues

  • Development of computerized database systems to assist in inventory and maintenance of infrastructure, including web-based applications

  • Finite element modeling for static and dynamic analyses

  • Development of maintenance procedures

  • Economic analysis, including evaluation of additional maintenance costs relating to operation of heavy axle loads

  • Design, installation, operation and maintenance of load stations and wayside monitoring systems

  • Monitoring of infrastructure, including bridges, for structural and security purposes

  • Planning and design of laboratory and field tests to study structural behavior

  • Conduct courses and/or seminars on infrastructure inspection, tests, analysis and load rating calculations

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